International Nurse Day

International Nurses Day is celebrated on May 12th each year to honor the contributions and dedication of nurses around the world. This date was chosen to coincide with the birthday of Florence Nightingale, a British nurse known as the founder of modern nursing. Florence Nightingale is widely recognized for her pioneering work during the Crimean War in the 19th century and her significant impact on the nursing profession.

International Nurses Day is an opportunity to recognize the vital role nurses play in healthcare, their tireless efforts, and their commitment to patient care. It is a day to celebrate the nursing profession, raise awareness of the importance of nursing, and acknowledge the contributions of nurses to the well-being of individuals and communities.

On this day, various events, ceremonies, and activities are organized worldwide to appreciate and honor nurses. Many nursing associations, healthcare institutions, and hospitals hold events, seminars, and award ceremonies to mark the occasion and highlight the exceptional work of nurses. International Nurses Day provides an important platform to emphasize the critical role nurses play in delivering quality healthcare services.